Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SK Planet Tops Online Market in Turkey

SK Planet, an operator of online shopping center 11st., topped the online market in Turkey 3 years after it got in the nation.

The company on Monday stated its online shopping website took the top area in Turkey in 2014 with annual sales of US$ 485 million, edging out worldwide online how to design logo in illustrator marketplace eBay and regional competitors .

SK Planet developed a joint e-commerce company with Turkey's Dogus Group and released the website in 2013. It is Korea s first online shopping website to enter overseas markets.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mobile web helps Pakistan craftsmen's market products online

In the Hindu Kush mountains craftswomen painstakingly stitch streaming scarves, skilled craftsmen’s who were not able to sell their items beyond the remote region up until mobile web pertained to Pakistan and dropped the marketplace into the palms of millions of formerly marginalized individuals.

The women of northern Chitral are among the unlikely profiteers of an e-commerce boom since 3G and 4G Internet showed up in the deeply conservative Muslim nation in 2014, all of a sudden able to market and sell conventional products without leaving their towns or in some cases even their homes.

"The online platform eliminates the intermediary," says NasrinSamad, the business owner behind the artisan brand Kai, which works with women across the area.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Online Market for School Products SchoolKartRises $300K Funding

Delhi-based SchoolKart, an online marketplace for school items has actually raised $300K from 12 angel investors, a few of whom are popular angel financiers while, the others are HNI s.

SchoolKart was founded in 2015 by ISB alumnus and previous Amazon worker Nikhil Sareen. It is a one stop online-shop for school uniforms, stationery, sporting products, reference books, etc.

The portal currently has school uniforms of over 500 schools across Delhi/NCR and pan India. The startup has over 25,000 items listed on its website including NCERT Books, Text Books, Reference Books, Sample Papers, Children s Books, Dictionaries, School Uniforms, Sports Uniforms, School Shoes, Sports Shoes, School Bags, Water Bottles, Lunch Boxes, Sporting Goods, and so on. It declares to have a traction of as much as 5000 visits per day .

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014